The Key Box

Outlaw and Doctor X present The Key Box 2.0

For over 100 years Nurses wandered the miles of narrow hallways and claustrophobic wards trying to do the best they could to help those that inhabited the dark and disturbing mental institution.

Before making their rounds they would open up the registry key box, a fixture at the station for longer than anyone could remember.

Inside the box were the resident logs and keys needed to gain entry into the dank and dimly-lit lock down wards.

Having not been opened in over in over 75 years, and never seen by the public, Outlaw Effects is proud to bring you the Key box.

This antique relic holds all the patient registry logs, the 5 ward keys and, of course, room for whatever other little remnants of a dark time long forgotten by many and remembered (unfortunately) by few.

This item is not discountable

Bell stand and books not included.