Roman Relic
Roman Relic

Sanctum 5

Sanctum 5

We are proud to offer the only ancient Mag coin to exist. The Roman Relic is a 1,800 year old coin that we created from an actual Roman coin circa 155 A.D.

I chose to call this item the Roman Relic because it can be used like our original Relic medallion for a "which hand" routine. We have tested it using a particular presentation that a lot of guys use with the original Relic, and it works using that method. The method will be posted on the private Roman Coin forum, along with contributing ideas and routines from buyers

It can be used for psychometry routines and pateo forces.

The Roman Relic is a psychokinetic coin. It's made to work extremely well with the Darkboard, Hobbs Box, Lillians jewel box etc. It will work with an M-5 magnet etc.

If you have both the Roman Sanctum and Roman Relic in the spectators hand they will jiggle around and appear to both be exactly what they are, Roman coins. This coin is circa 150 A.D.

The Romans were prolific minters. During the reign of Aurelius (155 A.D.) there were hundreds of thousand of coins minted of the Emperor.

In the decades that followed his reign there were "tribute" coins of Marcus Aurelius minted by Emperors, which was a common practice by the Senate to pay tribute to past Emperors

Lastly, they (both the S-5 coin and Roman Relic) come in small aged leather pouches

Roman Relic is a powerful "M" coin. There are no seams, it is a solid piece.
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