Sanctum 5

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Sanctum 5

Sanctum 5

Sanctum 5

During a recent excavation in southern Spain this past winter a very unusual cashe Of ancient Roman coins were discovered.

The coins were all of Emperor Marcus Aurelius circa 155 A.D.

This in itself would not be unusual if it were not for the very odd countermarks on the coins.

They were all marked SANCTUM with a V above signifying 5

There had been whispers for hundreds of years of a secret group that had broken off from certain "organizations" to form what was thought to be known as "The Sanctum Society.

The most recent, Chapter 18 was thought to have been formed in the 18th century.

What's remarkable about the find in Spain is it appears to be from the 5th house of Sanctum, over 1,800 years ago.

Far older than the society was thought to have existed. None the less it is indisputable that these Roman coins bear the word Sanctum and have been dated to 155 A.D.

A truly remarkable find.

Sanctum 5 is available in a high power magnetic version and an un-gaffed version. Both versions are the same coin, but the S-5 Mag coin does not look exactly like the un-gaffed coin. It has the countermarks but it is older looking and less defined than the un-gaffed version. They cannot be switched out. Please select the correct paypal button. Thanks!

The coin pictured above is the un-gaffed Sanctum coin

The Sanctum and Roman Relic coins do not come with routines but there are provate forums that will have routines and ideas posted in it. The Roman Relic coin can be used on any of our "special" props" and exhibit psychokinetic movements