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Introducing The Doctor

The Doctor I'd like to introduce The Doctor. He's not a time lord, but he does have crazy skills with a screwdriver. The Doctor (Psychology) is one of those rare builders with artistic ability, technical wizardry and years of experience.

He didn't build model cars when he was a kid, he built computers.

The Doctor did high end corporate shows for ten years, using many props and devices he built. His "day job" was as an independent contractor to Verizon, Samsung and Apple. He did coding for many years. There are smart phone components inside our new De-Constructed Cube.

The Doctor has been with us for over 6 months now. He is well versed in the outlaw products. He has been mentored through the past several months. He's part of the team that will continue to produce the classic outlaw props on our menu.

The Doctor brings his own style and a variety of awesome tech including coils, touch tech, RFID tech and the new Cube smart phone tech. Along with our classic items we will be producing new props like The Cube!




ScorpionClick here to watch the Silver Screen demo!

Warning: The Scorpion is an EXTREMELY powerful magnetic device. Do not bring near individuals who wear pacemakers or other medical devices. I highly recommend that you also avoid bringing it in contact with electronically stored media such as credit cards, memory sticks, computor hard drives and laptops. Outlaw Effects takes absolutely no responsibility for damage or injury as a result of using the Scorpion gimmick. By purchasing the Scorpion effect you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

The Scorpion is a stylized variation of a Ninja weapon known as a Makibishi.

The Makibishi was a very small device covered with tiny poison tipped spikes. When the Ninja were being pursued, or needed to escape their enemy, they would throw dozens of the tiny Makibishi devices onto the pathway behind them.

The spikes would penetrate the woven sandals of their enemies and the hoofs of their horses, resulting in a fairly quick death.

The basic effect is quite simple. You place the scorpion on a table along with 4 little paper cups. Turn your back and tell the spec to cover the scorpion with one of the cups and place the other 3 cups in any positions to the left or right of the cup with the Scorpion under it.

One by one you crush each cup leaving the Scorpion untouched. Needs NO SET-UP needs NO-RESET!. You're always ready to go. Fits in your jacket pocket! Perfect for table hopping, walk around and parlour!

3 units in stock now 6/21/17 !


The instructions include a very cool presentation that ties in the Ninja and the Scorpion. This effect requires the use of a PK ring (not included).

Any PK ring will work with this device, the device has an extremely large and powerful (and expensive) Neodymium rare earth magnet. The Scorpion will also work exceptionally well with the Childs Play 1 and 2 watch. (Neither Outlaw Effects or K&F Productions are responsible for any injury that may occur as a result of using the Childs Play 1 or Childs Play 2 with this effect)

The spikes are fairly sharp, but they are only 3/4 of an inch long. There are over 75 spikes on the Scorpion giving it an extremely frightening look. The device can be held by your fingers or even held in the palm of the hand without any worries. It has the "properties" of a "bed of nails". Scorpion comes with a very cool hand painted and lacquered wood box to hold the Scorpion. The box shields out about 70% of the magnetic field from the device.

We'd like to credit Nick Belleas for his contributions to the development of the Makabishi effect. I'd also like to thank Gabe Ableson and DR. Bill Cushman for their thoughts on the Makabishi


"Well I just test drove the scorpion tonight at a gig. It worked great.

I used it as a closer to a few of my tables at the event. This is truly a winner. People really get into it and are completly puzzled at the method as the specs can examine everything! And because of the way you can tell were the scorpion is so easily it elimintates a lot of the danger factor for the performer.

A couple of the tables even gasped when I opened the box and showed them the scorpion. I do a lot of walk around mentalism and this little baby is going to stay in the arsenal! The whole packge fits nicely in your jacket pocket and is not cumbersome at all. If you do walk around and want to add a little "danger" in your show then get this! Great job Outlaw!"


"I recieved a package in the mail today from Outlaw, I opened it up inside was this lovely box.

Carefully I opened the box and saw the most terifying thing of beauty that I have ever seen. Oh, so beautiful! I reached in to pick it up, oh so heavy, and Oh, so pointy! I love it(But dare not kiss it!)."

Thank you Outlaw,


"Well....after a long wait...I finally rec'd my Scorpion today!

Priority Mail (2-3 days?!?!) Can't blame Outlaw Effects for that! Jeesh I hate the USPS!

Well anyway, after I stopped crying tears of joy, I opened it up to find a little black box with a Japanese symbol on it.

I proceeded to open the box only to see the most menacing piece of magic that I have in my arsenal! This thing looks so realistic like a real ninja just made the thing! The spikes are solid and sharp! This thing has some weight to it! I can just imagine how much damage this thing would do if you stepped on it or if it was thrown at you or God forbid you slammed your hand down on it!

The attention to detail is awesome as some of the spikes facing up are stained red! It comes with cups to perform with which are kinda funny because they show a nice little under the sea pattern on it, you wouldn't think that underneath this harmless looking cup is a deadly weapon!

It also come with a complete patter that is based on actual Japanese history. The routine fits the effect very nicely!

All in all, if you want to shock, scare and amaze people, get this now. I will post another review as soon as I get a chance to perform it!"


"I was trying to figure out why I like this so much considering I don't like the premise or subtext of smash and stabs.

It finally dawned on me that the quality of The Scorpion and the story behind the makibishi transcends my usual qualms about such routines. You are demonstrating how the Ninja evaded the weapon when turned against them. There is a presumption of success rather than a fear of failure.

As I believe I mentioned, the makibishi is inherently interesting. Like a good meal, presentation plays a role. The container that holds the Makibishi is simple yet appealing. When opened to display the makibishi inside the weapon looks all the more menacing.

Then there is the fact that you do need to be careful handling it. Yet handling it safely is quite simple.

I took it to show a freind who owns a magic store and performs The Spike. He wasn't there but the counterman and a magician customer were very impressed by the whole concept of The Scorpion. The magician offered me 120 dollars cash on the spot for it. He and the man behind the counter were shocked when I told them the price.

As usual, Rick's love for what he does shines through on these hand made, vicious little works of art. Lets just be glad he uses his powers for good."

Bill Cushman