Outlaw Effects Paul Prater and Gary Kriss Present Shutterbug


From the very start, we have tried to set the highest standard for our props, and Shutterbug’s no exception. But Shutterbug’s not about the props. Unlike a magic trick where the props create the effect, Shutterbug's an “event” and that event created the props.

The spectator is led to a key piece of evidence. This "revelation" is made by walking in the path of the killer...a trail of photographic breadcrumbs. Tantalizing clues left behind by a sociopath with a camera.
You are provided a story about a missing woman, a suspect, a detective and at least one crime (maybe more). But, no clear conclusion to the story is provided! It is up to the spectators to solve the mystery of the story...or not.

There is at least one other secret in the poem that, if scripted correctly, could be very creepy and fun.

I believe Shutterbug could be presented as a murder mystery, or something darker, easily substance for a seance. This could be a 10 minute routine or it could take you all evening if you choose to construct an elaborate routine and add your own props.

While there are many ways to present this event, those presentations will end at a certain point. Shutterbug, however, has no ending. Think in terms of a movie that's neatly wrapped up in the final reel: Shutterbug stops in the middle of the final reel. Consequently your spectators may or may not discover what the truth is. They may find the truth but no end to the mystery. They will not soon forget the search and the questions that may linger on.

And that’s why I’ve included this caveat. If you’re looking for something with a nice "bow" in the end, Shutterbug might not be your cup of tea. Shutterbug is much more “organic.” It continues on in the minds of the spectators after the presentation is done. Indeed, it has a life of its own, which will evolve and unfold over time, I won’t say more than that, in part because I can’t say more than that.

Understandably, those who prefer effects that are more traditional in their presentations might want to consider some of my other offerings such as our Luna series. Those who are willing to go "out of the box" should read on.


Eighteen year old Mary Sinclair vanished like the morning dew. She was there, and then she was, well, gone. The police told her mother she was an adult and maybe she just gone away for a few days, it was after all a small town and young people do like the big city's.

Her Mother insisted not Mary, she would not have left without telling her. She had a job, there was a fella, she was happy. The cops told her “lets wait 24 hours and then we’ll investigate” but they didn’t wait, they felt the anguish and they knew something was wrong, very very wrong.

Detective Milton Lewis was baffled. No call from Mary and no sign of where she went or how she got there. They had been investigating for 7 days now and not a clue. But that was all about to change, and not in the way he had hoped for.

It was late in the evening, a week to the day that Mary had vanished. Detective Lewis had just left his office and was walking toward his car when he saw it. A large envelope had been placed on his windshield. There was no name or writing of any kind on the envelope, but what it contained was a frightening mystery that would take him on a journey in search of Mary and the "evil" that seemed to hide in plain sight...

Take your spectators on this journey into the murder of Mary Sinclair

Included are 12 aged mounted photographs. One additional photograph
A small strange cryptic chart
A large aged envelope with hand written case information
A hand written postcard
A hand written note from the killer and a hand written check he wrote
instruction book and private forum

In stock now! 3/18/15