Suicide Hotel

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Suicide Hotel

Outlaw Effects and Dead Art present Suicide Hotel V.2

On a rain soaked night in 1910, the events of that night would become etched into the dark stone of evilness.

Events that unfolded that evening are still whispered about to this day. Some say it's taboo to even mention what occurred, murders so heinous, long time residents still fear talking of them.

Or so I've heard...

But the spirits of the long departed are restless, and they want their story told, tonight.

You will receive hand aged antiqued photos, an aged newspaper clipping, and an aged envelope. You also receive an old distressed replica wood token

Suicide Hotel, brings your spectator to center stage. Where they become the medium.

The spectator displays the uncanny ability to receive messages from the other side. Allowing them to correctly name the sole survivor of that tragic night.

They have a free choice of any photo.

There are no forces employed of any kind.

No sleights involved of any kind.

We'd like to thank the brilliant Andy Nyman for permission to sell our version of his wonderful "Killer Elite"

V.2 version now works for everyone U.S. and U.k.!