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Tarot of the Four Corners dates back to the early 20th century. Used by fortune tellers and readers on the many carnie circuits that crisscrossed the country, bringing with them side shows, freaks, con men, medicine men, gypsy fortune tellers and the unknown thrills of what may be behind the curtain.

Miranda Hobbs was an artist and sometime fortune teller. She was also Cornelius Hobbs older sister. Miranda went by the name Lucinda when she ran the circuit every summer. She had a trailer and she did readings. She was very successful. Miranda used her own deck. A deck she created herself for her style and later sold "underground" to many readers of her time.

She called it Tarot of the Four Corners. It allowed her to not only do a standard tarot reading, but also an astrological, planetary and elemental reading if she so desired. As an additional bonus, it could be used as an alphabet deck for summoning answers from the spirits.

Her deck was simple, somewhat whimsical, a bit dark but elegant in style and it packed a punch.

This is an original art 22 card major arcana plus 4 special Joker cards. The cards are marked in a way that allows you to know all 4 corners without ever looking at the faces of the individual cards.

Comes with a signed and numbered C.O.A. Includes an e-book of readings and explanations of how you might interpret the cards.

In Stock 8/29/15 !

Cafe ReviewThese arrived last week and have been getting acquainted with them. I love the simplicity of the line drawings; the images themselves have a depth to them, a richness; they are wonderfully evocative.

I can't stop contemplating them! It's a 26 card deck; the Major Arcana and 4 "jokers" (great images of the cup, sword, pentacle & wand together). The jokers are optional to my mind and I probably won't be using them much. But having them in play gives you the entire alphabet which will be useful at times....

The m@rks on the great looking backs are very easy to read for my old eyes, a very very clever system to them, giving you a wealth of information... These are great tarot cards, great looking, useful & very practical. I'll be picking up a back up deck soon. My hats off for creating such a gem!

Cafe ReviewI just got these today. I seriously got these like 2 days after I ordered them and I live on the opposite side of the USA. I absolutely love them!

One of the reasons I had held off on these was that for some reason I had it in my head they were playing card size which to me is a big turn off. They are not. The back design is one of my favorites yet.

If you are a reader or a collector I would definitely recommend getting these cards. All of my Outlaw Tarot gets constantly complimented and these are sure to be a hit. These will probably be my new cards to use with WA as well.

These are without a doubt one of the most unique sets of cards I own. Aging looks great also. I would go on and on because I love cool tarot but I am at my shop and it just filled up with ppl!

6.16.17 in stock now