Outlaw Effects and Scott Grossberg bring you:

The Teller

The Teller Deck

The Teller Deck

In the mid 1930's The Mysterious Wonder Tour traveled along the old carnival circuits across the U.S.
Owned by Commodore Cornelious Hobbs, The Wonder Tour was a mix of both sideshow and Carnie lore, with an emphasis on the mysterious and unknown.

Printed especially for the tour were the Hobbs & Co. Teller cards.
Hobbs himself was often seen handing out boxes of Teller cards, free to any and all takers. Oddly enough, many would be recipients of his mysterious little deck refused the gift outright, while others readily accepted the cards, much to the delight of Cornelius.

Those that accepted The Teller, soon found whether they were worthy of his little "gift" and its true powers.

The Teller deck is comprised of 21 True Cards of Fate: 20 fortune telling cards and 1 card we call the pendulum card. The backs of the fortune telling cards (Hobbs & Co.) will tell you and only you, whether they've chosen a card representing The Past, The Present, The Future or The Spirit.

Each of the True Cards of Fate has 8 different primary, life theme categories. Under each primary category there are "bits of meaning". These additional scraps of information take on significance and substance when they come up in particular places, and are interpreted by the spectator, themselves.

The "Hobbs & Co." side not only reveals to you the card chosen, whether Past, Present, Future or Spirit, but the diabolical methodology will tell you the EXACT CATEGORY they have decided on! You will give a Mind Blowing reading!

Included are 21 hand aged cards, a hand aged box, and a comprehensive booklet filled with wonderful ideas and routines.

In stock 6/20/17

"I just received mine today.  Absolutely amazing.  I've been spending the entire day with it and have it about half way down.

This is one effect that I plan to master completely- nuances and all. This had to be a labor of love for the creators- I cant imagine making something this complex myself. There is so much potential here that it's scary. This is going to knock people on their A**!

Much respect to the creators- I can't wait to unleash this monster on the unsuspecting public. Thanks for making this available Scott and Roth - I love you guys! Who knows what Outlaw is going to come up with next!"