The Templar

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The Templar
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500 years before The Relic, there was a medallion worn by The Order of the Knights Templar. On one side the Templar cross, on the other side, the Templar Seal. A medallion of power and mystique. In the spirit of The Relic, Outlaw effects and Quicksilver bring back the legend.

The Knights Templar were founded at the time of the First Crusade in the eleventh century to protect Christians making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Referred to as Knights of the Cross or Knights of the Temple, the Knights Templar were the strongest and most respected military force of the day.

 The Order later became surrounded by legends concerning secrets and mysteries handed down to the select from ancient times. Perhaps most well known are the those concerning the guarding of the Shroud of Turin, the Holy Grail, and the Ark of the Covenant.

Some sources say the Holy Grail, or Sangreal, was found by the order and taken to Scotland during the scourging of the order in 1307, and that it remains buried beneath Rosslyn Chapel. Some say that the order also found the Ark of the Covenant, the chest which contained sacred objects of ancient Israel, including Aaron's rod and the tablets of stone with the Ten Commandments.

Shortly after the demise of the Knights Templar, a little know stone building organization started accepting members who did not belong to building trades.  They began to use strange rituals and had hidden secrets such as handshakes and special words to grant access to secret areas.  The secret rituals closely resembled the rituals of the Knights Templar.  This organization is known as the Freemasons.

The Freemasons have grown in power and are rumored to hold the secrets of the Templar Knights.  The Freemasons included numerous signers of the constitution and at least 15 past Presidents of the United States.
The Knights Templar, the “Knight of Rose-Croix” Degree in the "Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite" Freemasons are interpreted as evidence of a historical Templar-Masonic connection…

The Templar is exactly the same size as the mini Relic, and works the same way. A medallion worn by the Knights Templar. A medallion that has the power to tell you where it is hidden...

The Templar is not subject to additional package deal discounts

Each medallion is custom pressed from .999 pure silver, then antiqued to a fine aged finish and includes a silver chain. Chain styles may vary. The Templar has the same N-50 super disc as the Relic.


The Templar

The Templar