The Lucifer Coin

Outlaw Effects & Tance D. Present

ThE LuCiFeR CoIn TrIloGy

Circa 1,200 B.C.

The first ones were found by the Phoneticians

and hidden...

They didn't understand. The power was theirs to take. The power to know evil..and defeat it.

Within decades of the first goat head coins appearing, two more coins of "ethereal" nature were being found in the ancient lands. They bore the markings of arch angel Michael..and arch angel Gabriel

Over one thousand years after they were first hidden, the Romans appear to have found that ancient hoard, and once again, hid it.

In 1875, at an archaeological dig in southern Egypt, several small wood crates were excavated from the ruins of a tomb at The Valley of the Kings .

Inside the crates were thousands of Roman coins dated 55-40 A.D., the age of Caesar's reign.
This in itself was not an unusual find, what is unusual, is that, scattered within the hoard, were boxes of of goat head and "ethereal" coins.

By the turn of the century many of the Egyptian hoard" of coins, including what were now being referred to as "The Lucifer coins", had been sold to dignitaries, museums and private collectors. Some as you can see, have made it to the public...most still hidden away.

The three coins combine for a trilogy of power and protection

The largest, the Lucifer coin, at 2 x 1.5 inches, is the most powerful of the three. It is a double edged sword. It preys on the weak and fearful.

But protects those that know it's true nature

When the coin is placed face up on a smooth surface you can easily spin it. Some very odd things happen. It's secret comes out. The goat head disappears, the "coin" now appears perfectly round , and a perfect evil eye protection symbol appears in place of the head while the coin is spinning.

As it slows, almost to a stop, the goat head suddenly appears again.

Discover its true nature and it will protect you forever

The Lucifer Coin is aged to perfection. It is magnetic. It contains a an N-50 disc that will react to any large magnet.

The Lucifer coin has the power to tell when evil is near... It will rock side to side. It will suddenly spin. It is a warning.

Know its true nature and you will be protected...

ThE CoIn Of ArChAnGeL MiChAeL


The second in our ethereal coin trilogy is the coin of Archangel Michael. Michael was a fierce warrior who brandished his sword in many battles.

While his wounds heal, his battle scars are forever inflicted on his coin.

Some say when evil is near the scars appear to be seeping blood.

The two pictures above are the same coin and the same side. The coin is thermal-chromatic only where the "blood" appears, unlike the Gabriel coin, which is completely thermal.

Above 85 degrees and the "blood" will appear.

This coin is a bit larger than a silver dollar and twice as thick. It would be the same size as the largest Roman coins circa 50 A.D.

ThE CoIn Of ArChAnGeL GaBrIeL

Circa unknown. Found in Egypt in 1875. A box with an estimated 200 of these “coins” was recovered from a 3,000 year old tomb in The Valley of the Kings.

A strange and bizarre find for an Egyptian tomb.
Some scholars speculated that the cache was planted in the tomb by a later civilization that may have feared and misunderstood their true nature.

The coins could not be identified after the find, and when found to contain no silver, the cache was given to a small museum and long forgotten.

In 1938 a young theology student traveling in Egypt wondered into the little museum and came upon the case with the open box of coins on display.
By sheer chance and maybe a nod from the Gods above, there was an elderly gentleman gazing at the coins when he approached the case.
They began to talk about the coins. The old man revealed that he was the owner of the box and after several respectful but pushy inquiries, the man told him they were “The angels coins”

Archangel Michael and Gabriel’s coins to be specific.

The young man was stunned and exhilarated. He had heard of a Gabriel coin, but not a Michael coin. Of course, they were referenced in ancient scriptures, but was it possible these were really angel coins?

He thanked the old man and kindly asked if he could talk with him again soon.

The young man traveled to Cairo and researched the coin’s possible provenance. What he found was one mystery and an outrageous claim.

One would prove true and one would never be explained.

The origin of the coins has never been confirmed. Other than being ancient, there is nothing that has ever been found regarding their creation

The scriptures claim that the coins “changed” when evil was near. In fact, the Gabriel coin was said to literally “absorb” the evil nearby.
It would change from a silvery color, to a smoky black color, as it “contained” the evil presence.
Additionally some writings tell of the coins violently shaking in the presence of evil.

When he returned to the museum from Cairo, he told the old man what he had read about the coins.
The old man said he knew there were stories of the “changing coins” and asked the young student if he would like the coins. He was old and wanted them to go to someone that would understand what they really are.

Taken quite aback by the offer considering the very new nature of the relationship, the young man asked a relevant but peculiar question.
He asked the old man if he could borrow one of the coins to observe it for a few days, before he accepted responsibility for the cache.
The old man reached in and took out a shiny silvery coin. It had very little detail left, but you could clearly see the remains of what the scripture referred to as “the 5 points”.

“Many have speculated as to what the 5 points represented” he said. “That is up to the holder to decide”

As he put the coin in hand he said “This is the coin of Gabriel. Do not become dependent on its power or it can control your life”.
The young man either did not take his words seriously, or did not understand what he meant at that time.

One week later the young theology student was sitting in a pub back in London. As he sipped his ale he fiddled with the Gabriel coin.
It was curious how a coin so old could look so new.
Granted it was heavily pitted and the design, whatever it was, had long worn away. He set it on the table as he quietly enjoyed his drink when a loud argument started at the table behind him.

A friendly game of dominos had erupted into one accusing the other and so forth. It was quite an argument. Then something very frightening caught his eye.

The coin looked odd. Was the light getting dim inside? Was there a shadow on the table? The coin looked darker. He picked it up and it was cold. When he placed it back on the table it was even darker.

His heart began to pound as he recalled the scriptures and the words of the old man. Was it possible? Was there evil near?
As he stared at the darkening coin he saw that it was shaking. The coin was shaking as he stared at it! The adrenalin was flowing now. He was no longer aware of the escalating argument at the next table.
He was mezmorized as he watched the coin change and grow darker, older…

A shot rang out and he was back in the pub. There were screams. He looked around in a blur and saw a gun and a person lying in a pool of blood, dead.

An argument that turned into cold blooded murder. Evil came into the pub that night and the coin warned him. It was absorbing the evil in the room. It knew.
The old man said “Do not let the coin control your life”. The young theology student now understood what those words really meant. He accepted the cache of coins from the old man and did something extraordinary with them.


The Gabriel coin has an N-52 Relic disk magnet and thermal-chromatic effect. When warmed up the coin will retain it's new silvery look for several minutes before beginning to age and turn dark as it "absorbs" some of the evil present.

The coin will also go from a dark old coin to a shiny new coin.

When the coin is warmed up to 85 degrees or more it will turn silvery. As the coin cools, it will turn dark again. Most Drugstores like CVS and Rite Aid sell little boxes of 5 mini heat pads for around $4.00
These pads last 8 hours and can change the coin in seconds.

The pad can easily be hidden or even kept in a pocket. The coin can also be placed against a pocket that has a pad in it, and that is enough to change the coin quickly.

It's quite stunning to be able to visibly see the coin darken and turn almost black. The two photos above show exactly how the coin changes.

ThE VeSsEl

Hand made and hand aged box circa biblical...Made with 3 distinct sections to hold the three coins.

3 coin Box set available for order now 1/17/17

Dr. DanYour new release of the Archangel Michael Coin, is a fantastic idea and premise for a great presentation…especially a presentation with a bizarre and / or a religious premise. The coin’s “scars” that bleed is extremely innovative.

I use the coin in my Sin Eater Presentation, allowing the spectator to hold the coin cupped in her hands while I explain that the scars of sin are healed by the magic blood of absolution…
as she opens her hands and sees the “blood” actually materialized…the reactions are great. I love this coin…I have the Lucifer coin and look forward to adding the Gabriel coin to complete the set!.

J.R.A coin that bears the scars of battle? A coin that "bleeds"? How could I resist these little delights. I have received my Michael coin and it is heavy, dark and the scars are deep. It has a very nice weight to it and feels very nice in hand.

These ethereal artifacts are a wonderful addition to my collection. I've already contacted Roth and ordered the third coin from him.