Outlaw Effects & Tance Present


It was the 1880's and Tombstone was rolling in silver. practically falling out of the ground around there. The population was doubling every couple of months as people came from all around to find their fortunes.

Stage coaches were being hijacked, miners getting robbed, silver dealers shot. The most dangerous and elusive villains were a gang called "The Cowboys". These were serious bad guys. Stone cold killers.

One day three Lawmen men rode into Tombstone. They came intent on getting rid of the evil, better known around those parts as "The Cowboys" gang

Wyatt Earp and his brothers James and Virgil were looking for justice.

They had been chasing after The Cowboy gang for weeks, and the trail led them to Tombstone.

The lawmen spent many a night night at Doc Holliday's saloon playing poker, waiting for the day they would face down the evil they came for. I can't say they were using this very deck of cards, but I can tell you, this deck came from Tombstone...

It wasn't until about a year later that Doc Holliday and the Earp Brothers caught up with the gang. It was October 26, 1881, in a little place called the O.K. Corral. There was a gunfight. Let's just say, Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers lived to play cards another day...

"Circa 1880's" 54 authentic style fully marked, completely hand aged, ink edged and sanded playing cards. Includes 2 jokers 54 cards total.

D.C. I received this gunslinger-era-looking deck in the mail not too long ago. I had ordered it from Rick after he talked to me about it and, at that time, there was not really any picture available, as he was in the process of fabricating it.

I bought it as I have a keen interest in all Outlaw Effects material, without really thinking about it. It took a few weeks to receive so I did not think much of the package when the post lady dropped it. Boy, was I in for a surprise! Not only the details of the back are so old school and representative of the late 19th century, the dot cards and especially the face cards are telling a story just by the way they look.

None of them has a similar aging, as should be the case, as not all the cards are manipulated the same way and length of time throughout their rough lifetime.

The quality of the fabrication is excellent – a lot of thought has certainly been put into the details. So much that you can easily imagine yourself sharply dressed, wearing a colt peacemaker tucked in its shinny leather holster on each side of your hips, going from old dusty towns to dusty towns, using stagecoach transportation, with the goal of playing cards and winning money as a make living.

The cards are kind of smaller and thicker than a contemporary deck of cards – after all, are they not from a forgotten time – but they are easy to manipulate, and their thickness will guarantee a very good lifespan. They can be used in many types of effects, from gambling to mentalism routines. In a nutshell, I love this deck.

D.C. from Ontario, Canada

John J.I received my Tombstone deck and it is a serious example of what a deck of playing cards looked like in the late 1800's.
The size of the cards and the weight of the deck are great. They handle almost as good as a new deck.

The aging is superior to any deck I have seen on the market in this genre.
My only qualm, and it's nothing to take away from the deck, is that the marking system is a little more complex than my Carnie and Hobbs deck cards, but not difficult at all to learn.
Very happy!

In stock now 7/17/17