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The year was 1912 and Aleister Crowley had attained the 10th degree in the O.T.O. a secret society based loosely on the Freemasons and soon to evolve into something much more mystical under the leadership of Mr. Crowley.

The British order headed by Crowley was to be called the Mysteria Mystica Maxima or the M?M?M?

Members of the M?M?M? were seen to carry a very odd looking amulet with a different seal on each side. It was said the idea for the amulet came to Crowley one day when he found several pieces of wood on the shore in Scotland

Crowley was informed that the wood he had recovered was in fact pieces of a ship known as The Great Michael.

The Great Michael named after arch angel Michael was the largest warship ever built at the time of its launch in 1512. It was said the ship had magical powers and could defeat any vessel it encountered.

Crowley had several amulets hand carved from the ancient wood and distributed them to those in the order that had achieved the 10th degree.

70 years years ago several of these O.T.O. amulets were found in a box buried in the yard of Crowleys Scotland home. We have now acquired them from a Scottish collector.

What's special about this amulet is it has Crowleys' Unicursal Hexagram on one side, and the flaming sword of Arch Angel Michael on the other.

Good and evil?

What is even stranger is when your spectator is given a choice of good or evil, you will always know what their choice was.

Once you possess the amulet it cannot be hidden from you by the hand of another.

It seems to have the same powers as the magick of the Templar medallion.