Witch Box - Brass

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Witch Box - Leather

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The Witches Box

For your consideration: A Josephus Hobbs, Outlaw Effects production

Recently found in the basement of Trinity Press (adjacent to the burned out Hobbs & Co. building) was a large crate with the name Josephus Hobbs on it.

The crate appears to have been sealed up in 1837, the year the second edition of the Witches' Almanac was printed by Trinity Press.

Inside were several old wood boxes, some with brass fixtures, some with out.

All with hand etched Hobbs & Co. brass plaques and the Astaroth on them.

 It was speculated that these boxes were made to hold the 1837 edition of the Almanac, of which none have yet to be recovered...

With such wonderful provenance, we hope you will use this box for the 1938 edition of The Witches' Almanac.

Each box is hand made and aged by Tim Wisseman.

Note that the Almanac is sold separately. Items in the box not included  It can be found by clicking here.

Witch Box - Brass Corners

 Witches Box

Witches Box

Witches Box

Witch Box - Distressed Leather Straps

Witches Box

Witches Box

Witches Box