The Outlaw Showdown

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Introducing The Doctor

The Doctor I'd like to introduce The Doctor. He's not a time lord, but he does have crazy skills with a screwdriver. The Doctor (Psychology) is one of those rare builders with artistic ability, technical wizardry and years of experience.

He didn't build model cars when he was a kid, he built computers.

The Doctor did high end corporate shows for ten years, using many props and devices he built. His "day job" was as an independent contractor to Verizon, Samsung and Apple. He did coding for many years. There are smart phone components inside our new De-Constructed Cube.

The Doctor has been with us for over 6 months now. He is well versed in the outlaw products. He has been mentored through the past several months. He's part of the team that will continue to produce the classic outlaw props on our menu.

The Doctor brings his own style and a variety of awesome tech including coils, touch tech, RFID tech and the new Cube smart phone tech. Along with our classic items we will be producing new props like The Cube!

Outlaw Effects and Ran Pink Present


Showdown is a bi-fold hip pocket dual billfold wallet

2 billfolds and ALL pockets are HORIZONTAL either way you open it! None of those odd vertical pockets. This gaff has never been done before in a wallet!

The horizontal pockets are an original Outlaw gaff design!

Built in I.D. window Peek! With Filters

It's also a two way switching wallet

Secret locking flap duplicate side

18 full size pockets for multiple outs

billfold loading gaff

Hidden 8 pocket index

Super thin and sleek! Only 4 inches vertical and 4.50 inches horizontal when closed
Showdown is a completely normal looking wallet designed to be used as your everyday billfold

We designed a wallet that combines the best principles of our Outlaw wallets to create the Swiss army knife of wallets! For those of you that want to incorporate mentalism, swami, cards, peeks, hidden index, loads and switch functions into one wallet, this is it! .

Retail $125.00
What you see below is the ingenious gaff designed by Outlaw for the Showdown wallet.
No matter which billfold is on top when you open the wallet it looks identical with normal horizontal pockets.

The playing card sticking out of the billfold in the top photo WAS NOT REMOVED from that billfold, it is in the SAME billfold in the photo underneath, as the top photo. The wallet has been closed, flipped upside down and re-opened in the bottom photo yet the inside of the wallet looks identical!
Outlaw Showdown

Outlaw Showdown

Outlaw Showdown

Outlaw Showdown

Jake MurphreeI carry my Showdown everywhere... I am walking supernatural phenomena... This thing is just sick. I'll never buy another wallet. When it wears out (which will be about 300 years) I am buying another one. If you hesitate to buy this - DON'T! Even for the casual mentalist, this wallet can accomplish mysteries beyond comprehension. Thank you Rick Roth and Ran Pink. You've got a new fan.! Believe me. This is worth the wait. As with all of Outlaws products the quality of this wallet is simply excellent. This by far IS the Swiss army knife of wallets. My head is spinning! I actually confuse myself handling it!
M.PowellThe Showdown lands in the UK! First impressions - the leather's lovely, the features great and the construction... wow. This is the kind of wallet that Escher would have designed, had he sidelined in magic/mentalism.